heart of cliches

Recently I read the book Heart of Iron by Ashley Poston. With lost goddesses, spaceships, and epic fights I had high expectations for this book. Regrettably, I was let down. It was not because of the writing style since I found that it flowed beautifully and the characters were some of my favorites in a long time, but because I think I ruined it for myself.

Let me explain. As a creative writing major, I have spent many years reading and dissecting plots (ask anyone who has been forced to sit through a movie with me). I’ve gotten pretty good with all this practice. Due to this, nothing in the book surprised me. When a book lacks suspense and surprise, it loses a lot of my interest. It’s hard to return to a book when you are sure you have already figured out the ending.

Biggest concern: the ‘lost’ goddess plot. Typically called the lost princess plot. It’s an intriguing concept in that the first couple times you read it as a kid it blows your mind and you are so excited about this reveal that you ignore all the signs that clearly pointed to this ending. However, I feel like it’s a little too late in the game for a book to come out with this unless it goes about it in the “Tangled” kind of way, where the reader/watcher is well aware and the dramatic irony is part of why we continue to watch/read.

Favorite part: the characters as a whole. While the idea of a character falling in love with a robot is not my favorite thing (because I have thought it through too much to not be freaked out), the relationships between all the characters felt realistic and like something you wholehearted rooted for. I genuinely wanted to know more about the characters throughout the piece.

All in all, it’s worth a read. Don’t go into with high hopes of a unique plot however the science fiction portion of the piece is worth it. Poston creates a fun, engaging world that leaves the reader wanting to read more.

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