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As someone who is currently lounging around wearing her father’s old sweatpants, I do enjoyed looking at people who have much better style than I do. I like to pretend that it’s rubbing off on me and that I will eventually end up with slightly better style. Without further ado, here’s the people I follow on Instagram to appreciate their style:

@mudersherose (the one from studying abroad)

She knows style and she wears it all well. Once upon a time she had a blog focused on fashion, it may still exist but the name must have changed.

@siannlilly (model and youtuber)

Obviously she knows clothes since she models, but her personality is also very entertaining. It’s fun to see the things she finds and how she styles them. Even the simpliest things become creative.

@taylormomsen (the rocker)

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This is who I look to when I’m feeling edgy and looking to enjoy something that’s much more out of the box. She’s unconventional, unrelenting, and unapologetic.

@best.dressed (actual human ray of sunshine and my fav youtuber)

Incredibly relatable and incredibly well dressed. She didn’t win best dressed for nothing. Her YouTube is definitely worth checking out. I really don’t know how she finds all of the things she does and how she styles them so well.

@gracebeverly (the absolutely motivation)

By motivation, I mean that this girl finished uni, started two businesses, and kept up a YouTube, all in the past two years. She always looks incredible, either all dressed up or in athletleisure. A true icon.

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