tips for applying for a writing internship

According to my professors, there are few that exist and there are many who are interested. As someone who never even heard back from any of the publishing houses and literary agents who she applied to, there’s likely something to that. However, I did manage to find a writing internship with a brand that I follow on social media (yay!). So here’s some tips I have to help you find something this summer when the other options start to look bleak.

  1. Follow small brands. For starters, they are usually run by some wonderful people who are either working another job or in school still and they really deserve some love. On top of this, they are the people who are most likely to reach out to us college students looking for interns to do things such as run a blog or send out a newsletter. Give them some love and they will love you back.
  2. Give them links to your work. This is a must. Include things that you have done that are related to the content the brand is looking for or just something that displays a similar type of writing. I got lucky and was able to send a link to my Her Campus profile because the brand owner was looking for someone to help manage her blog and many of my articles there fit into the college motivation realm that she interacts with.
  3. Leverage absolutely every experience. For me, I went on forever about my work within Her Campus. Maybe you have done a lot for the honor society on campus, your greek organization, a major related club, or even just a job on campus. All experience is good experience. You helped run the Instagram, so now you can write that you have experience marketing and in public relations while also being fluent in campaigning on a social media platform.
  4. Make your cover letter highlight your writing ability. What I mean by this is that you should write this cover letter the way you write. Be professional but don’t lose your voice while doing it because this is what they are looking for in a writer. Your voice is your strongest asset. Show them what they would be missing if they went with another writer.

I hope this helps. Finding internships is rough as a writer who desperately wishes to do nothing else and a lot of places receive too many applicants for people like us to ever be considered. There is a brand or person out there who will need you, want you, and be impressed by what you bring to the table. Check out the weirder spots and always display your voice.

Best of luck!

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