the kombucha obsession

So I came home from a trip to find a whole shelf of our fridge covered in kombucha bottles and was incredibly confused by the sight. For starters, the aftertaste is vinegar and the initial taste isn’t that great either. Now, unfortunately, it has grown on me.

Not going to lie, I don’t like most flavors, and I really only like ones that are peach flavored, but as long as they fit that I will drink them willingly. It’s not the fizz, not the taste, not really anything physical about it that makes me want to drink it. It’s very much a mental thing, a desire to be doing what the rest of the family is doing, plus people on YouTube made it look cool.

The cons of me drinking this excessively seem to just be summed up by it possibly having caffeine and alcohol, being high in sugar, and having unwanted toxicity if brewed at home. Don’t make it at home. There are stores for this.

The pros are that it has antioxidents, probiotics, and is good for your gut. This severely outweighs the cons and is definitely something I need in my life. As long as people continue to tell me this, I will not be concerned abut drinking a bottle of it a day. If I go beyond a bottle a day, then I’ll have to have to give myself a stern talking too.

Anyway, the obsession that swept my house while I was gone has taken me with it. Help?

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