a mirage of storytelling

Once again, the Owlcrate supporter in me received and read a book from their box. This time it was Mirage by Somaiya Daud. I was immediately drawn in by the name and cover, which was absolutely stunning, and found that I didn’t regret it.

The world was breathtaking. Everything was gorgeous and the traditions were wonderful. It was clearly crafted over time with attention to detail as it shown through in the writing and how things would come together to create a believable world. Daud uses this world to draw attention to traditions and beliefs that are outside the European centric view that tends to overpower sci-fi and it was very refreshing.

Not going to lie, the middle drags. As someone who is gradually getting older and finding that love stories just aren’t what she wants anymore, having to stop and read what felt like five or six chapters where very little plot beyond the love story occurred was disappointing. There are further books in this series and part of me believes that if she had integrated the love story into the larger plot better than it could have been condensed into one book (or maybe two, if it’s a trilogy). This thought was strengthed when I got to the ending and found that it felt rushed and unfinished.

When Court of Lions comes out, I’ll consider buying it. If for nothing more than the fact that a poet is an important figure within the story.

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