good omens and good humor

I don’t even know where to begin with this show. It’s the cutest mix of quirky and fun that has aired in a long time and I really needed it to be good. This is one of those books that I missed out on, though I will definitely need to go back and read it, but the fan art that suddenly flooded my Pinterest sparked my interest. (That and Christians petitioning Netflix to ban the show, even though it was made by Amazon.)

Michael Sheen and David Tennant play the hilarious duo of demon and angel who are trying their hardest to pretend like they aren’t each other’s only friend while attempting to save Earth from the upcoming apocolypse. It’s a match made in heaven, um hell? Crowley and Arizaphale, demon and angel respectively, have become so fond of Earth and the comforts it offers that they can no longer bare to watch it end. Before you question this absurd statement, it’s mostly the food and alcohol.

With a female god narrating and entertaining side characters that include a witch following her ancestors prophecies, a demon who wears a toad as a hat, and a boy antichrist, there is never a dull moment. The ending even goes beyond the giant fight to allow characters to play to their strengths. Strengths that are often overlooked. Honestly? I found it really cute and powerful.

Narration is usually something that bothers me in shows but it was done incredibly well. It had humor of it’s own and allowed for the narrator to be a character beyond who we saw on screen, something other directors should make note of when considering a narrator. The show also managed to make me not hate the love at first sight trope because I found that it almost just seemed to mock how absurd the situation was, even if they did immediately sleep with each other. So, well done. Making me admit that I liked things I don’t and all.

Great job to all who worked on it. I love these beautiful idiots who go into battle weidling tire irons and get arrested in revolutionary France just because they want crepes.

cover photo found here and other photo found here! go support the artists!

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