things i didn’t worry about today

As someone who worries all the time about absolutely everything, here’s the things I let slip away today in order to enjoy some time with the family.

  1. My secret tattoo, because I love it and, if they see it, the worst they can do is judge.
  2. My ance, because I’m 21 and know why it’s been bad and that I’m trying pretty hard to get rid of it. I also know that it doesn’t make me any less pretty.
  3. How much I ate, because it was a family party and I haven’t have pasta salad yet this summer.
  4. How I looked in photos, because doing a weird interpretive dance on a pier is much more fun than attempting to pose for some cute photos and I still managed to get some good ones.
  5. How bad my singing is, because he’s one of my best friends and he is always willing to sing in front of me.
  6. What I wear, because the shorts may have been dirty but they were comfortable, this is my favorite swim suit, and the Van Halen t-shirt is cute even if I can’t name any of their songs off the top of my head.
  7. How insignificant I am, because everyone in the room loved me.

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