thoughts on love island coming to the us

There’s this wonderful risqué show that can be found on Hulu that the Brits started a few years back that involves putting a bunch of really hot people in a villa and forcing them to pair off at various points in time. I love it. Even though I hate the term guilty pleasure since you should like whatever you like without feeling bad about it, this is as close as I come to having one.

Although they need to tone the sex appeal and swearing down a little bit, the US has decided to create it’s own version of the show. Considering it’s huge success in the UK, they are jumping in feet first and putting it on tv five nights a week for your viewing pleasure. It’s like the bachelor (or bachelorette) but with more couples and people to root for at all times. Plus, we don’t have to watch some girl saying “Go ‘Bama!” when we know they are passing restrictive abortion laws that benefit no one.

I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m definitely watching. It airs tonight at 8 p.m. EST on CBS.

Also, for anyone interested, you can still sign up to be on the show. Be warned though, everyone on it will be model like beautiful and you have to be comfortable wearing a bathing suit on television. Which means that even though I started an application, I’m not completing it. The image above shows those who have been selected to start off this season.

Happy viewing!

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