why i’m done with love plots

The older I get, the less patience I have to sit through a book or movie that is forcing more than just a side story of a love plot onto me. By this I mean, if you dedicate a chapter or more than five minutes of screen time to just the love story alone with nothing else happening within your story, I’m probably going to walk away. It’s just become so dull.

For starters, the relationships are rarely built up. I’m supposed to sit here and enjoy two people lusting after each other after knowing each other for a solid week and pretend like it’s entirely fine to call it love. It’s not. Also, the characters don’t know each other most of the time, going off looks and initial impressions more than anything else, which is both incredibly shallow and usually wrong.

Then the relationships are almost always heteronormative. Don’t get me wrong, I’m fine with reading straight relationships (hi, Nina and Mathias) but oftentimes it’s built up to be only one of them actually liking the other and the other is abusive. Stop supporting relationships in which people get hurt.

Also, there are so many other secondary plots that I have been exposed to over time that I can’t handle having a half ass romance tossed in my face in the middle of an otherwise spectacular book. If you need help finding something, try checking out writing blogs or thinking back to some of your favorite books or movies. There is always something else that can be used to take your story to the next level rather than making the other character the opposite gender and having them kiss at the end of the piece.

Finally, I’ve read too many good romance plots to care about others. I don’t have the capacity to ship anymore couples. My limit has been reached.

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