story ideas from a younger me

There are a multitude of stories that I have started throughout the years in various notebooks that were scrapped within maybe one chapter. Some were amusing, some were supposed to be cool, and all are hilarious to look back on. Here are some I have found:

  1. A story written back in about fourth grade titled “Silly Putty” that involved a character eating some at a point in time. Unfortunately, I never wrote this scene. All I have is a title and three notebook pages of a young girl moving into a house in a small town that had a cemetary on her property. Of all the things to focus on when the setting is a house with gravestones, I picked silly putty.
  2. A character named Margo and her three friends who were sent on a wild goose chase for her father around the US using places that I visited with my family as clues and destinations. I have six pages of story and a whole notebook of noteworthy features in places we visited that summer that could always be added to any piece.
  3. Two attempts that involved Harry Potter. One was me writing my own later on story immediately after reading the nineteen years later portion in fourth grade and being incredibly disappointed by it. It was more planned out than most I have written but also laughably bad. As for the second, it was a spoof a friend and I wrote in order to get out all our murderous thoughts whenever someone irked us that involved a awful magical school that’s goal was simply to kill every single student. I’m still rather fond of the last one.
  4. One I tried to write with a friend that switched POVs. She was an okay writer with little understanding of paragraphs which resulted in me writing much larger portions and us scrapping it when she started to get annoyed.
  5. A piece with a character named Blashphemy and another named something just as awful that started with a G but is now lost since my old computer broke. Technically this one doesn’t count because I didn’t find it, but it’s one of the funniest I’ve written because I just picked a story prompt for each chapter and had to force the plot to still make sense and everything just ended up really muddled and hysterical.
  6. Something a group of friends and I wanted to write that made my character a villian because they were based off our personalities and everyone agreed I was the evilest of the group. I was rather proud of this.
  7. Lastly, a story based on a dream that included floating scarves and weird dead princesses. I tried to reread it and I don’t think I knew what I was trying to write. It was definitely a dream and probably should have been kept that way.

Please go back and reread your old stories. It’s beyond entertaining. If you find any really funny ones, please share so I can appreciate them with you!

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