“someone great” is something great

A recent addition to the Netflix original films is “Someone Great”. It’s a film that follows Jenny Young (Gina Rodriguez) when her nine year relationship ends following the news of receiving her dream job across the country and the antics she gets into with her two best friends. There’s heartbreak, love, and pure friendship that drives everyone into the lowest pits of despair and back. It’s beautiful.

Heartbreak has been handled in many ways, typically in incredibly sad movies such as “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” or extreme humor like “The Breakup”, but rarely do we see a movie in which women come together to face the challenge as we really do: alcohol, dancing, and arguments that confront our deepest fears. Genuine friendships appear on the screen, even when the scene is just meant to be humorous. There’s never a point where you doubt why the three have remained friends throughout all the years.

It’s a look into relationships that we rarely get: the end. We get the happiness and the sadness and the reality of the relationship as we go through the movie, watching how everything plays out for Jenny as she tries to figure out how she’s supposed to move on. The movie portrays the soul searching and the need for answers while letting us know that not having them is okay. We see someone mourn and see them heal.

If you’re looking for something heartfelt but not tear jerking, put this on your list. One warning: lots of drug use and some sex, so maybe don’t watch it with your parents. “Someone Great” is highly recommended.

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