as twist as old as time

Last night, I read the entirety of As Old As Time by Liz Braswell between midnight and 3:30 in the morning because once I started it there was no way I was going to bed. It’s part of her twisted series that takes the fairy tales we grew up with and adds a twist to it. Previously, I have read Once Upon a Dream which followed a twisted version of Sleeping Beauty and quite enjoyed it. As you can likely tell by the title, the story I read last night followed Belle.

One thing that I appreciate about this series is that the plot and the characters are twisted well beyond where the original story was willing to go but we still are allowed a happy ending. Most people hear the word twisted and assume that everything must be dark and gory, but it just means that there was more thought and time put into creating the world. If anything, it clears up plot holes and creates a vast, intricate universe that the story nestles nicely into.

Since Beauty and the Beast is my favorite princess movie, I had high hopes for this book. Although the story was clearly meant for an audience slightly younger than am I, I would recommend it to anyone. There were breathtaking lines throughout the book that either taught lessons, described areas, or just told a truth you would never consider otherwise. A great choice for anyone who likes Belle.

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