what her campus means to me

Her Campus is a website that allows girls on campuses nation wide, as well as a few international schools, to blog. It lets you publish articles on virtually any topic and get your name up on the internet. Also, it’s a wonderful support system that can be found on multiple levels.

I joined my first semester junior year. From the start, the club was incredibly welcoming, playing music and encouraging conversation during the beginning of meetings rather than just jumping into the agenda. Everyone was friends first and then members second. At no point was anyone made to feel left out, even those who had only just showed up. It was a small haven on campus full of bubbly girls who just wanted to exist without having to worry about life outside the room.

Within this group I found many amazing friends as well as a group of people who will always support my writing, no matter what the subject is or where it is published. We build each other up. It’s a support system like no other. This was the first place where I felt comfortable writing about whatever came to mind and submitting it. I published pieces that spoke on subjects I never knew I would feel comfortable talking about and never was concerned about how they would be received. It was a great place to vent, compose, and just be.

On a larger scale, Her Campus provides girls with amazing opportunities. Everything I do for this club can immediately be added to my resume. I got my internship based on everything that I did for the club, including writing articles, editing articles, and managing the twitter account. I know how to market myself, make connections, and put myself out into the world in a positive way. There are so many resources at my finger tips.

Her Campus is something that I don’t think I could survive college without. If you are looking to join a club that promotes women, allows you to build experience with event planning, social media, and writing, and also introduces you to some amazing people, consider joining your colleges chapter. And if there isn’t one, you can always start your own!

If you would like to read anything I have published on the Her Campus website, you can find it here. I’m particularly proud of “Teach Our Girls Better Relationships.”

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