how to use social media to promote your brand/blog

As a writing intern for a small company, I recently realized that I may actually have some skills when it comes to promoting a brand/blog. There are small things that I have noticed over time that may not always be the answer but they will definitely get your name out there and will help bring in readers from more places than you could expect. Some are obvious, but people tend to overlook them at moments because other things come first.

Facebook: Even though this social media isn’t used as often anymore, keep your page up to date. It’s important to interact with those who have taken the time to like your page even if it feels like you aren’t using the platform as much. Many other companies and brands check Facebook pages, which is why Instagram requires that you have one in order to make your profile a business profile. Don’t just create this page for Instagram, interact with it. Update people here and post links to your blog in order to draw in readers. You’ll be surprised by how many people use this platform.

Instagram: Stories are a great use of your time when it comes to posting links. You should also use this space to introduce us to the people behind your blog or brand, giving us faces for the names that appear before us. If you have hired interns, introduce them. Give us fun facts, show us behind the scenes, and absolutely take any opportunity to link to your website. Whether this be when you show us a product or when you post a new blog post and are showing everyone that it is up. Let people know who works here and what you can do. Also, this is one of the platforms where it is absolutely crucial that you create some sort of asethetic. This doesn’t mean that everything has to fit together perfectly, but at least make sure every photo is well lit and pleasing to look at, even if it’s just on a story.

Twitter: Do not neglect this platform. Even though it’s mostly just words, use it to interact with people. Be funny, post links, let people know what they can expect from you. A big thing to do on this platform is to promote other people. If you make an effort to retweet other people’s articles or businesses, they will start to return the favor. Reach out here to support others and use it to your advantage. Even if a big brand or large blog is just liking your post, their followers will likely see it as well as twitter tends to show things with the “x liked” at the top.

Pinterest: This isn’t as big, but if you have some really great photos you can post them here with a story attached. It can also be a decent way to promote a product if the image is right as many people will repost if it seems like a good idea.

There’s a lot more to social media than you may expect initially since almost all platforms require that you are interacting with people and are keeping up appearances. That being said, it pays off over time. As your brand starts to grow, it may be best to bring in someone who knows what they are doing and are happy to devote their time to managing your accounts. Even if it seems small now, it can pay off later.

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