what her campus means to me

Her Campus is a website that allows girls on campuses nation wide, as well as a few international schools, to blog. It lets you publish articles on virtually any topic and get your name up on the internet. Also, it’s a wonderful support system that can be found on multiple levels. I joined my first semester junior year. From the start, the club was incredibly … Continue reading what her campus means to me

“someone great” is something great

A recent addition to the Netflix original films is “Someone Great”. It’s a film that follows Jenny Young (Gina Rodriguez) when her nine year relationship ends following the news of receiving her dream job across the country and the antics she gets into with her two best friends. There’s heartbreak, love, and pure friendship that drives everyone into the lowest pits of despair and back. … Continue reading “someone great” is something great

story ideas from a younger me

There are a multitude of stories that I have started throughout the years in various notebooks that were scrapped within maybe one chapter. Some were amusing, some were supposed to be cool, and all are hilarious to look back on. Here are some I have found: A story written back in about fourth grade titled “Silly Putty” that involved a character eating some at a … Continue reading story ideas from a younger me

thoughts on love island coming to the us

There’s this wonderful risqué show that can be found on Hulu that the Brits started a few years back that involves putting a bunch of really hot people in a villa and forcing them to pair off at various points in time. I love it. Even though I hate the term guilty pleasure since you should like whatever you like without feeling bad about it, … Continue reading thoughts on love island coming to the us

a mirage of storytelling

Once again, the Owlcrate supporter in me received and read a book from their box. This time it was Mirage by Somaiya Daud. I was immediately drawn in by the name and cover, which was absolutely stunning, and found that I didn’t regret it. The world was breathtaking. Everything was gorgeous and the traditions were wonderful. It was clearly crafted over time with attention to … Continue reading a mirage of storytelling

my instagram style icons

As someone who is currently lounging around wearing her father’s old sweatpants, I do enjoyed looking at people who have much better style than I do. I like to pretend that it’s rubbing off on me and that I will eventually end up with slightly better style. Without further ado, here’s the people I follow on Instagram to appreciate their style: @mudersherose (the one from … Continue reading my instagram style icons