A lifestyle change begins with a vision and a single step

Jeff Calloway

moments that made me self conscious this week

My weight has become a sensitive subject despite my attempts to pretend otherwise.

why i hate going to the doctors

I’ve got a lot of complaints and a desire to share them.

discovering i have asthma

A startling discovery that shouldn’t have been that surprising.

things i didn’t worry about today

Sometimes you need to let go of all the negative.

joining a local sorority

The things you should think about before you choose your sisters.

our five minute challenge

The motivation we needed to get up every once in a while.

pack rats anonymous

The difficulties of cleaning your room when you hoard everything.

the kombucha obsession

How I got roped into liking this weird vinegar stuff.

tips for applying to a writing internship

A few additional tips that may go unmentioned when talking to an advisor.

my instagram style icons

The ones I look to for inspiration.

things i have stress bought this week

The items that I probably shouldn’t have purchased but am excited that I did.

being asexual

My thoughts and struggles during pride month as I try to figure out whether or not I should tell people.

a new beginning

The first post on the new blog and the inspiration behind it.

end of the semester breakdown