why you need to just submit your story

My non-fiction creative writing professor was quite adamant that as writers we would need to submit our work, not just stare at it until we hated it. Although we were rather upset about the fact that this meant that we had to sit in the classroom having a collective breakdown while trying to figure out what possible publications would even read our work, it was … Continue reading why you need to just submit your story

what her campus means to me

Her Campus is a website that allows girls on campuses nation wide, as well as a few international schools, to blog. It lets you publish articles on virtually any topic and get your name up on the internet. Also, it’s a wonderful support system that can be found on multiple levels. I joined my first semester junior year. From the start, the club was incredibly … Continue reading what her campus means to me

joining a local sorority

In most forms of college media we are introduced to the idea of greek life, specifically rapist frat boys and the cruel sorority girls. From whatever experience you may have, it’s typically discovered that there is some truth within this, but not enough for anyone to write off the whole system. But something that is tradionally left out, no matter if it is a movie … Continue reading joining a local sorority

tips for applying for a writing internship

According to my professors, there are few that exist and there are many who are interested. As someone who never even heard back from any of the publishing houses and literary agents who she applied to, there’s likely something to that. However, I did manage to find a writing internship with a brand that I follow on social media (yay!). So here’s some tips I … Continue reading tips for applying for a writing internship

end of the semester breakdown

On board: How do our jars represent sympathy in joy? My paper: This one I could technically answer right now but I don’t want to do that. Thinking has become a challenge as of late, forcing the gears in my brain to shake loose the cobwebs and dust as they painstakingly begin to turn. Everything is rusted and the flakes drift about, leaving me with stale, … Continue reading end of the semester breakdown